Your company’s made a mistake or received a complaint: Now what?

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We cannot please all people of all time. In business, this is the same to our customers. Keep in mind that a business is a living entity, made up of people who, at some point, will make mistakes or overlook the obvious. What is important is to draft a plan, stipulating and detailing how your company will deal with complaints.

Did you know that customer complaints can actually become so beneficial to your business? Taking customer complaints seriously is a sign that your business is committed to quality. Some companies create an internal system to capture each complaint and try to solve each complaint as quickly as possible and replace any orders necessarily.

Many businesses have realised that in order to reach their goal of fully utilising customer feedback, they needed a more comprehensive system for managing customer complaints. They created a team for the purpose of finding such a system.

Keeping a record of all complaints is important. Furthermore, it is also important to the resolution process. More importantly, a system such as this can become a crucial tool to determine future products or services that will enhance the customer experience. It will also serve as a management tool to ensure that the correct action is taken every time.

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