How to Do More in Less Time

Today, it seems like everything is moving faster. We have instantaneous communication wherein you can have live, webcast office meetings with people across the globe. Almost all information is at our fingertips minutes after it happens. This “need for speed” pressure is also put on us in the workplace, creating the necessity of increasing workplace productivity.

Do you want to raise the level of your company’s productiveness? If you do, you can change a few things about individual employees’ techniques as well as edit some overall company practices and procedures. The employees themselves can help speed their own personal productivity by a number of helpful tips.

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One of the few things you can do to increase your employees’ productivity is by minimising emails. Emails are a very cost-efficient medium of communication. The cost of sending an email is very small; you just need a computer and an internet connection. However, these emails require time to read. Each email title must be scanned. The employee must then determine whether they should read the email or not. Establish a policy to minimise the number of emails they receive to reduce the amount of time your employees lose to managing their emails.

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