The digital farmer: Using social media to bridge the urban-rural divide in Australian agriculture

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With its varied allied sectors, agriculture is undeniably one of the largest sources of revenue from across the length and breadth of Perth and other areas of Australia. It contributes significant figure to the country’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP. And with sustainable agriculture, many families are provided with rural occupation and environmentally sustainable expertise. And with that being said, agriculture is truly an important asset for a comprehensive development of the nation.

Agriculture is indeed a good source of income. However some business owners these days struggle to promote their products especially with the stiff competition in the agricultural market. This is due to more and more people become more interested with farming. They add up to the market thus toughening the competition every single moment. But thanks to the internet and social media, farmers are able to promote their products and reach customers not only in Perth, but in the entire country.

With the help of social media, small businesses, medium sized and large agricultural companies are able to make more sales and grow their business easier. By simply creating a social media page such as Facebook and Twitter, many farmers are able to reach numerous customers from all over the county who are looking for meat, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products. And now that most Australian farmers are able to utilise the marketing benefits of social media, they are now experiencing business growth.

Apart from being used as an effecting marketing tool, social media has also become an important platform for the Australian industry to bridge the divide between the city and farm life. As these urban areas grow the problem of increasingly disconnecting the life on farms and stations have risen. But thanks to social media, the Aussies are able to slowly change that trend.

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